Entrepreneur, pharmacist, self proclaimed military courier . . . killed by his voodoo followers, this is "FOSTER!"

"FOSTER" is the true story of a successful man brought to his knees by
sex and debt. This feature-length documentary will take the audience
on a wild ride from Indian reservations to the very top of the
software world. And before"FOSTER" ends with a rifle blast, they'll
meet four wives, a carnie, politicians, and the followers of sexual

What? . . . How? . . . Why? . . . With "FOSTER," the real answers
play-out much stranger than fiction."

Not that kind

Watch out for me
I'm evil you see
So wicked are my eyes

I could kill with a glance
Arouse you in a sexual trance
But will give no sympathy for your cries

It's so very hard to tell
I'm fun loving and generous as well
Don't let my looks deceive you

Like a gardener I'll plant the seed
As my apprentice I'll let you play the lead
I hope you can see this through

You can't help but rave
I manipulate the way you behave
Yet questions must cross your mind

Consider maybe I'm just a fake
Grabbing all there is to take
No I'm really not that kind

"I go by many names.  In the New Testament, I am Legion.  I tempted Jesus in the desert,    In Voodoo,    I am Papa Legbah and in Christian tradition I am Lucifer.  Some call me the Devil, some call me Satan.    I am the fallen angel."