Mark Steven Foster or Foster: The Movie
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"This was not a game with him, (Foster)," Voss said. "He really believed in a variety of mystical religious   practices." 1

"He was not a crazy guy worshiping voodoo," said Foster's longtime attorney, Crystel Tack of Wyoming, MN.  "I think he liked to cause a stir among people for the sensationalism." 2

"His goal was to insure that all who met him would go away better for having done so" 3
"In the 19 years I have been with the dpartment," said   Douglas County Sheriff Larry McDonald, "this is probably the most bizarre case that I've ever experienced." 11

"I have never experienced a sentencing in which both a sister and daughter of the victim urged the imposition of a lenient sentence," Judge Michael Lucci said in  Douglas County Circuit Court Friday."This just underlines the very unusual and bizarre nature of this. 12

"Not even the movies or TV could dream it up"

"Expansive Personality"4

"Social Gadfly"5

"Strangely Charismatic"6

"Bon Vivant"7

"Bright Eccentric"8


"Industry Firebrand"

"Original Renaissance Man"10
"Greg Dutch never thought there would be a case like this.  Nobody  would.  Not even the movies or TV could dream it up." 13

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